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Every year internet is spreading worldwide rapidly. For working and also for non working people it is only a matter of time in today’s world to get connected with anyone over the internet using email services such as Hotmail Email. People around the world can chat over the internet. They can easily share videos, photos, files over the internet. But when we talk about the official works we use email service and Hotmail is one of the good email service today among all other email service provider. Hotmail email is used by millions of people all over the world & Hotmail is provided by Microsoft Corporation. Hotmail is one of the good main medium for carrying files, data & other information on internet. Because of this many individuals and businesses prefer to use Hotmail email for their work. Having so many users over different servers it is quite impossible to provide technical help at the same time hence it is necessary for all individual and businessman who uses Hotmail Services must have Hotmail Tech Support Number.

Steps to Sign-up For Hotmail

Hotmail provides user friendly environment and has maintained it easy to sign up with some useful easy steps. To be a member of hotmail you need to follow these steps below.

You should visit the main hotmail website For New email accounts

  • click for hotmail sign-up
  • fill the personal details for sign-up
  • select username & password
  • enter your contact details
  • enter birth date and location(state or country)
  • accept the privacy policy for hotmail
  • enter the security captcha code
  • click to create Hotmail account

Once all the information’s are verified by Hotmail you can login using your username and password to your Hotmail.

Always remember your Hotmail username becomes your Hotmail email address as well as you must have the strong password for your Hotmail to prevent intruders and never share your password with anyone else. In setting up the hot mail account if you face any difficulty please call us at Hotmail Technical Support Number.

Two Step Verification Process for Hotmail Security

Microsoft has adopted one of the enhanced security measures that are two step verification security feature for Hotmail has been introduced. Many of the users say its time taking process to be signed on than before. However two step verification process need not to be done every time you login-in in the email account. on your personal computer system you can still save time by keeping your password auto saved or checking the option to stay logged in for future. To use the two step verification process first you need to put your user name and password on the account than you will get a code on your mobile and until or unless you will not put that code on the website of Hotmail you cannot login in your account which gives you complete security from Hackers. Sometime if you forget to carry your mobile phone with you and unable to login in your email account Call us at Customer Service Phone Number for Hotmail.

Fixed Hotmail Problems Issues

Microsoft has already provides us many services and makes it better and secure they can. The developers working under Microsoft are also human being and can also miss something which start giving problems to normal users and user sometimes faces problems with the interface and lost password problems and get confused with the technical terms. Here are some common errors and issues that arise while using Hotmail if you are facing any of the problem below let us know or call us at Hotmail Customer care Phone Number Problems Fixed By Our

Hotmail Technical Support Team Hotmail Email Account Hacked Problem:

Sometimes users accidentally shared their passwords with friends or relative even with unknown people and they start facing problems with their Hotmail email account such as unable to access email or lost control over the Hotmail Account. If you are getting any of the related issue or problem feel free and call us on Hotmail Email Support Phone Number and we will recover your Hacked account for you.

Hotmail Email Account is blocked temporarily:

In case user forgets the password of their Hotmail Email Account & start getting the errors that your account has been blocked permanently? Whenever any intruder tries to access your email account from different locations hotmail security detect the fraud attempt and blocks your account for limited time period. You don’t need to worry for your email account and let us know your Hotmail email problems or simply call us at Hotmail Technical Support Phone Number and we will unblock and recover your email account safely.

Hotmail Email Account Freezes or Not Responding

Users also face account freezes up after 10 to 15 seconds of use With hotmail email accounts and user cant access its email account or it stuck every time and it will work again a while but the email freezes problem happens every time after few minutes of login in case you are facing Hotmail Email Account Freezes Up problem Call us At Hotmail Technical Support Phone Number to troubleshoot and fix this problem.

Not Able To Access To Access Hotmail Email Account:

For a newbie it might be possibility that you cannot access your email account and it is quite difficult to access all the options in your email account. In such problems you can contact to the Technical Support Number for Hotmail and they will troubleshoot the problem to fix it for you and to keep it error free.

Language Issues with Email Account:

Whenever the email account is hacked there are some symptoms to recognize whether your email account is hacked or not. During login in your Hotmail account there are possibilities of language being changed automatically or seems Japanese languages even when you select your default language English even after that you are unable to read anything or problem to read. Hence to secure your Hotmail Email account we provide you Hotmail Technical Support Phone Number simply call us any time and let our technician know about the problems you are facing the technicians are able to read those encrypted languages and can resolve that problem for you.

 Other Technical Issues with Hotmail

except all these problems mentioned above there are many other possibilities having some other technical problems with Hotmail Email Account, firewall security problems, Issues with Check Host, Issues with email DNS you do not need to worry for all this if you are not belongs to technical background but we are and we will resolve and remove all the technical problems for you and will make it easy and secure for you as it was before. Call us any time and share with us your problems at our Hotmail Technical Service Phone number.

Hotmail Customer Care Phone Number:

One of the widely used email service is hotmail now a day’s everyone knows that it is easy to getting vulnerable email virus attack.

Our Hotmail professional and expertise team can handle all the problems and solve it for you. Hotmail users can get resolved their Hotmail email account problem in minimum time. In case of crucial problem you can get help using live-chat Support service by our Technician team and you can easily interact with them in the way you want. Our Hotmail Technical Support Services are available 24*7 and 365 all days support For Hotmail customers. Millions of peoples have been liked and loved our Hotmail Customer Service that is the reason we have a large and big customer base and high rating in quick problem solving. Do not hesitate to contact us and feel free to share and get resolved your technical problems by letting our Technical Support team for Hotmail Email Problems. We would be happy to help you always

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