How Can You Uninstall And Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold?

AOL’s Gold software is one of the best in the market. It allows you to carry out a host of activities ranging from blogging to browsing, and that too without facing any lags. Moreover its new anti-theft methods, securityoptions and encryption patterns make the program more attractive to users.

But sometimes you may have to come across situations where you have to uninstall and then reinstall the program. This could be because you are facing problems while operating the software. So sometimes first un-installing before reinstalling does help in getting rid of some of those issues. But carrying out this entire process might be difficult if you aren’t familiar with the application or are a new user. So to help you with it here are some instructions.

How to uninstall Gold on Windows 7 and Windows 8

First, know that applications operating on Windows 7 make use of a program called Windows Installer. This application installs as well as anchors other programs. But, just like it installs programs, it also helps in un-installing and then removing application files from the computer. This will also help you do the same with Gold. Now on to the steps to remove the Gold software.

  • You will find that there is a Windows icon on the bottom part of the screen. Click on it and then click on the Control Panel option.
  • There you will see that many options will pop up. Choose Programs from there and then choose Uninstall.
  • Once you do the above, you will that see a whole array of applications is popping up. Now amongst them select the Gold software. Once you do it, you will find that there is an Uninstall option on top. Simply click on it and Gold program will get un-installed.
  • You might have to wait for some time for Gold to get un-installed. Also you might have to check a few more dialog boxes which will ask your approval on whether to proceed with the un-installation or not.

Note: Keep in mind that you won’t be able to uninstall the Gold application simply by deleting or getting rid of its folder. This is because it will leave a lot of files in your PC which will be difficult to remove later on. Moreover, all those leftover entries could very well destabilize your computer. Then instead of getting rid of your program issues, you would be inviting more.

How to uninstall Gold on Windows 10

  • Head over to the lower section of your desktop screen and click on Start. A pop up list will appear once you do that. Choose Gold program from there.
  • All you have to do now is select Gold and then click on Uninstall.

How to reinstall Gold software?

Now that you have successfully un-installed Gold, it’s time to reinstall it. Reinstalling the program might get rid of some of the troubles you are experiencing. Here’s how you can reinstall:

  • First head over to File Explorer and then click on it. Once you do so, you will find that a popup menu with folders will appear. From there click on Download.
  • Once you complete the above step, look for a file named as Desktop there and then double tap on that.
  • Now, click on Run.

Once you do that, wait a little and then press on the Install icon. You could find yourself waiting a little for the program to begin reinstalling. It might take some time so make sure that you have plenty of time on your hands to complete the whole process.

Hopefully, un-installing and then reinstalling Gold will help solve the problems which you have been experiencing. But even if this process doesn’t solve the issues then it’s time to take this issue to the higher ups. As such, it would be advisable that you first report the problems which you have been facing to AOL. Once you do that, call AOL’s customer support centre and inform them about your troubles. If you can’t call the technical support centre, then you can also opt to chat with them. They will surely help you resolve any issues you might have in operating the application.