How do I fix paper jam in Brother Printer?

  • You need to first open the front cover and leave the system for 10-15 minutes so that it cools down.
  • When you use your printer, some of its internal parts become extremely hot. You need to wait for some time before using it again. If you do not want the print quality to degrade, you should not touch the upper part of the printer.
  • You need to slowly takeout the drum unit and the toner cartridge assembly from the machine. You might pull out the jammed paper with the drum unit and the cartridge assembly or else this might release the paper so that you can pull it out of the opening of the paper tray.
  • It is recommended to put the drum unit and the toner cartridge assembly on a disposable piece of paper or fine cloth if in case you spill out the toner and brother printer support
  • You are not supposed to put the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly back instantly into the machine.
  • First, pull the paper tray completely out of the machine and only then you can pull out the jammed paper with your both the hands.
  • Then, slowly and carefully open the back cover.
  • Look for the tabs and pull them down at the left and right hand sides to open the cover of the fuser.
  • After doing this, gently pull the jammed paper out of the fuser unit.
  • Close the fuser cover and the back cover. You can take the help of customer care with Brother Printer Customer Service Phone Number to solve your jamming problems.
  • You need to completely pull out the duplex tray from the machine and pull out the jammed paper out of the machine.
  • You need to make sure that the jammed paper does not remain under the system from static electricity.
  • Gently, put the duplex tray again in the machine.
  • Slowly, put the green lock lever down and remove the toner cartridge out of the drum unit.
  • Then, put the toner cartridge back into the drum unit until you hear it get locked into place.

To keep your printer functioning, you need to update the printer driver regularly. Apart from that, remember to download and install the window update which will resolve software issues, performance issues or compatibility issues. If you have a problem and unable to fix it, prefer to call on Brother Printer Support Number anytime you want. The support service provider will you for a clean printer installation so that your work will not get interrupted.