How to Access Microsoft Outlook Support Service?

Microsoft Outlook has one of the most extensive and readily available Microsoft Outlook Support services. While it’s not particularly difficult to set up Outlook but new users might face some trouble. So we are here to help you out in configuring Outlook. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions:

How to add an extra mail id to Microsoft Outlook Support?

One of the advantages of Outlook is that you will be able to add various types and forms of mail ids. You will be able to add Gmail, iCloud, Office 365, Yahoo and more. Here’s how you will be able to add it:

  • First head over to the File option and then select the link titled Add Account.
  • Then type in your email id before pressing the option titled Connect.
  • After you do the above, you will be asked to put in your password, name and email address (yes you will have to type this again). Once you complete this, click on Next.
  • You might have to type in your password once again but that’s not something to fret about. Just enter it and then tap on Ok.

Why Is Outlook Not Accepting Passwords?

If you are absolutely sure that you are using the right password with your Outlook registered email account, then it might be time bump up your mail security. Know that sites like iCloud, Yahoo and more make use of the two-part verification system. This confirms if the person attempting to get into the account is the same as the person who holds the account. The absence of a proper security system might make your account temporarily shut itself, especially if it detects unauthorized access.

What Is Application Password In Outlook?

If you want to add in another email account then you will need a little thing known as app/application password. What you really need to understand about it is that it’s not the password that you use to access your regular personal account. This app password has to be used when you see a message which tells you that your account’s two-part verification has been set up. This app password differs according to the email provider you use. So select the provider you subscribe to in the drop down list you will get to begin the process. The process is easy, you just have to keep on following the instructions.

How To Contact Microsoft Outlook Support Service?

It’s always possible that you are facing way graver issuer than just adding extra email accounts. In such cases it’s always advisable to contact Microsoft Outlook Support service. There are two major ways you can reach them:

  • E-mail: You can mail them with the problem you are facing. You can find the mailing address at the home page of their website itself. They are responsive to mails and will revert back as soon as they can.
  • Phone call: Outlook’s phone support isn’t for everyone. It’s just for those people who are its premium subscribers. So if you fall into that category then have the customer number assigned to you ready when you dial them.

Outlook’s support service will help you with any problems you are facing. So whether you facing issues while configuring the application or anything else, they will sort them out for you.