How To Carry Out Yandex Password Recovery

Forgetting one’s password is pretty common. After all we are all human and mistakes are bound to happen. But this shouldn’t result in you losing valuable information. So if you have lost your Yandex password then here’s how you can recover it:

  1. First open up the account menu which is present right in the top right hand corner of your screen. Now click on Change Password.
  2. Put in the current Password which you have and then proceed to enter the new password. You will have to enter the newly created password twice for confirmation purposes.
  3. Next, enter the characters which are present in the picture and then press Save. Note: Once your password gets changed, all the other sessions on various other devices will be terminated.

Note: If you can’t complete your Password retrieval procedure then you can also tell them your Yandex username. If you don’t remember that then tell them youremail address. They will ask you some security questions which you have to answer using SMS to a phone number to another mail address. This will help you in recovering your password in case the above doesn’t work.

If you have forgotten your security answer then follow the below steps to try to recover it:

  • Check on yourkeyboard layout. Also try out different spellings if that’s applicable to you. This can affect you especially if something complicated was given to strengthen security.
  • In case of numbers pertaining to dates, try different formats of writing it, like DDMMYY or MMDDYY.
  • If nothing is working, then simply follow the Can’t Restore Access link. It’s there right to the security question form.
  • Make sure you enter all the information needed correctly and follow the procedure to get your password back.

While this can take a bit of time but if you follow the instructions correctly then you will be able to restore your password.