How to Deal With AOL Mail Login Problems?

AOL offers some of the best applications and programs which help in improving the lives of its users. They offer high quality software’s which are outfitted with data privacy, encryption patterns and security services. But sometimes you might find problems in operating their applications as is common with all form of technology. So to help you in your time of need we are going to tell this time how to solve all your mail login issues.

Turn on and off

First step to try is always the turn on and then turn off option. You might ask, how is it going to work in case of mail login. In this case you should try to sign out completely out of the account, before signing in again. This method works since sometimes it’s simply a case of wrong or invalid passwords. Most of the time this does work and if you are lucky you will be one of those people.

Reset passwords

Password issues are one of the common most problems faced by users. Many people get prompts like wrong or invalid password, all of which ultimately results in you  failing to use your account. But there’s a very easy solution to this. If you have indeed forgotten your password then just reset the password for your account. Follow the steps below to do that:

  • Below the dialog box asking you to put the password you will find a hyperlink which will ask you if you have forgotten the password. Click on that.
  • Once you follow all the steps, you will be requested to put in a new password. Make sure that the new one is absolutely unique and different from any other password.
  • Click on the continue option. Your account will now open with the new password only.

Try to use some other browser

Sometimes you might face trouble in accessing your mail account if you have an outdated web browser. In these cases you should try to access your account through another browser. If you don’t want to go through the Hassel of downloading or getting another browser then you can simply opt to update the existing one.

Erase browser cache

You might have seen websites prompting you to accept the fact that they use cookies. These cookies are actually little packets of information which reduce the loading time of websites. But in exchange for fast loading time, these info’s get stored in the web browser. This can in turn cause loading errors for other sites. Cleaning this cache will restore your browser to its normal operation since all the unnecessary packets of information will get wiped out. To do this follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Go to Tools and then tap on Clear Data option
  • Now head to the very top where you will find options regarding time range. Choose All Time if you want to get rid of everything.
  • Now click on cached images option and cookies data option to clear those out. Once you do this a dialog box will appear that will ask you if you want to Clear Data. Click on yes.

Following these steps will surely help solve any simple issues mail login issues you might have. If your problem doesn’t get solved with these steps then it would be advisable to call the customer care helpline.