How to Solve Common AOL Desktop Gold Issues

How to Solve Common AOL Desktop Gold Issues

Desktop Gold is an application which comes with great features. It improves user accessibility, security and overall functioning of the system. But as with any application, users are bound to come across issues while operating it. So to help you out with those, here are some of the most common issues faced by users:

Browser crashes while AOL Desktop Gold is in operation

First, it’s important to calm down and understand why this may be happening. There can be a lot of reasons which causes your browser to crash. But we are here to help you out those:

  • To begin, head over to the Edit menu and then choose Footprints option from there.
  • Then go over to the Browser cache option and clear out all your temporary files which are present in the browser. Clearing out your cache will most of the times solve this issue?
  • Also, remember to report this issue which you have faced. This will help AOL Gold Desktop Support provide better service later on.

What to do if you find AOL Desktop Gold lagging?

  • Many a times you will find that the application is not running smoothly because of some RAM or internal memory issues. So the first step here is to simply restart your PC first. This will help clear out the RAM.
  • If restarting your PC didn’t do the tricks then try this one. You will find that there are lots of programs which auto-start without any manual command when you load up your PC. So stop these excess and not-immediately necessary programs from firing up first. This will reduce the load on your PC and increase its speed.

Desktop Gold isn’t connecting online

  • It’s important to know that you need to have broadband connection to use Gold. As such, dial-ups won’t work at all.
  • Next, make sure that your internet connection is strong and secure. There are various online applications which will let you see your internet speed. Use these or any other way you have to check your internet speeds. Once you do that you will get to know if your internet speed is slow or fast. If it’s slow then either go to an area with better speeds or call the company.
  • If it still fails to connect then call up your service provider.

AOL Desktop Gold installation problems

  • Know that there are some base level system requirements which you will have to fulfil before even attempting to install the program. For example: Gold won’t work with any version of Windows before its 7th one. So make sure that you thoroughly check for these issues first.
  • The above step doesn’t apply to you if you have thoroughly checked your system requirements and they check all the needed boxes. Now its time to restart your desktop once. Sometimes you may face internal memory issues which may obstruct the installation process taking place. A quick restart will help sort that issue out.

If you are facing more complicated issues then call or chat with AOL Gold Desktop Support helpline staff. They will help you fix your problems.