Microsoft Outlook Email Solutions for Most Common Problems

Outlook is still one of the most popular email applications there is. One of its core advantages is that it offers a variety of other features apart from the primary emailing facility. But since it is software, so users are bound to face problems sometimes or the other and Microsoft Outlook Email Solution. To help users with issues of various kinds, outlook has a very reliable support team. They work to solve any issues which the users could end up facing while operating the application. There are some common issues which people face while using outlook. We are here to provide easy solutions for them so that you can save yourself a phone call to the Outlook support team:

Trouble finding the Outbox in Mac

What many users might not know in the beginning is that if you are working online (without any sort of email issues) then you won’t be able to generally view the Outbox. You will instead find it in the sidebar, sitting at the very top portion of it. But keep in mind that it will show itself only when you will have messages to be forwarded or sent. But that’s obviously very uncomfortable if you have to check something in the Outbox. So, if you are unable to see the sidebar then simply go to the View option first and then select Sidebar. This will make the sidebar visible so that you will be able to see outbox.

Trouble signing in to Outlook

Sometimes while signing in you might be flashed a message which shows something along the lines of- Something is wrong. But there’s the standard solution to this issue:

  • Head over to the sign in page of and then choose the Sign in option given there.
  • Now type in the email addresses which is registered with your account and then click on Next. Ensure that you have spelled your email id correctly.
  • Once you go on to the next page, you will see a dialogue box which will tell you to put in the password you use with the account. Remember that passwords are case sensitive so check carefully what and how you are typing.
  • After you complete the above step, select Sign in.
  • Also, if you are not working on a shared computer then it is advisable that you click on the Keep Me Always signed in option. If you do this then you will be able to skip the signing in part and head over straight to without putting in your password.

Tip: Sometimes if your account remains inactive for more a year or even more, then your account will get deleted. To prevent this from happening, make sure you sign in at least once every six months.

Alternate Solution: But if none of the above is working then you can simply opt to change your password. Sometimes Outlook doesn’t recognize the new password. So try entering the old password once. If you find that you’re able to access your account using the old password then don’t use it. Yes, don’t use the account even if the old password is granting you access. Instead lock up your device before using the new password you had created to unlock it.

What to do if your account gets blocked?

It’s possible for your account to get blocked temporarily by Microsoft Outlook Email Support. This might happen if some kind of unusual activity is detected. Here’s how you can unblock your account:

  • First go to the Reset Password page. Here you will be able to not just recover the account, but also be able to reset the account password.
  • Once there, type in the mail id which is associated with the blocked account. Then you will see a little box with characters in them pop up on the screen. Type those in and then press Next.
  • After this, you will have to type in the code created by the authenticator program on your device. If you don’t have any such program, then you will also be able to choose a different login verification option as well.
  • Once you complete the above steps, you will be able to reset the account password. After that, your account will get unblocked.

If you find yourself encountering bigger Outlook issues than the ones listed above, then you should opt to call the Outlook Customer Support Services. The technicians there will be able to solve any Outlook issues you have.