Skype Customer Support Phone Number

Skype Customer Support Phone Number Patented technology known as silk codec, an audio compression format and audio codec developed by Skype Limited, provides for unmatched superior voice clarity. It was developed for use in Skype, as a replacement for the SVOPC codec. Since licensing out, it has also been used by others and has been extended to the Internet standard Opus codec.

How to Find Skype Customer Support Phone Number

Skype has also become popular because of additional features like file transfer and videoconferencing, making it a service trusted by millions across the globe. It developed into a platform with over 600 million users and was bought by Microsoft in 2011. Both these companies are bringing innovative technology to friends, family and colleagues everywhere with limitations not just set to PCs, but also reaching out to smartphones, televisions, car audio and communication systems. Skype also supports screen sharing between two people for free. Group video calling is available for Premium subscribers between a maximum of 10 people.

Troubleshooting Problems with Skype Customer Support

In spite of being one of the most robust voice and video conferencing technologies on the World Wide Web, there are chances that you may be having trouble using the application to its full extent. At United Techies, we offer comprehensive Skype support in case you are getting any unexplained error messages or malfunctions within your system.

Common problems that we can help solve include-

  • Errors associated with logging into Skype
  • Problems related to the set up of video for Skype
  • Problems with voice quality
  • Assistance if you are not able to make or connect to video and voice calls
  • General problem with accessing the Skype application on your smart phone or tablet
  • Other issues that hinder the quality of video conferencing

In addition to this, we also provide real time remote support for the following activities-

  • Troubleshooting problems related to your webcam and other hardware
  • Assistance in changing your Skype password
  • Assistance in the installation of Skype for your Windows or Mac PC
  • Assistance in removal of all unwanted Skype Extensions