Skype Technical Support

Skype Technical Support For WiFi Edge-Core WM4201

It is a wireless phone that uses WiFi networks, with which you can skype even when the computer is off. The only condition is to cover the wifi signal. It can also be used at airports, restaurants, work, school, office, or all signal areas. With this phone, you no longer need a headset and a microphone to call your skype.

The headset includes a headset for free!

All data is displayed on The color screen of your phone and anytime you see who’s online, and more. Now you can be skype online all the time without having to run skype on your computer, or even have your computer running.

Skype Technical Support, Skype calls, of course, free of charge and SkypeOut can call landlines and mobiles around the world cheaper than local calls. With SkypeIn, you can have your own phone number assigned to this phone and so you can call those who do not yet use Skype.

The phone is easy to use and is easy to use. The color display and a simple menu to control all features and settings of the Skype account contribute to control. Skype is already uploaded directly from the factory, just unpack the box and set up a connection. Your phone downloads everything you need, including your contact list, and displays it on the display.